Honours Board

A number of our members have enhanced the reputation of the club by winning prestigious competitions and gaining selection at county and national level .  In recognition of these achievements the EBA Presidents brought  prestigious teams to celebrate both our 75 and 100 years. Look at the website and have casino online españa at our own casino. Restricted source!
International & National Honours World Championships
1980 Jim Hobday Triples Gold Medal Melbourne
Empire &Commonwealth Games
1958 Walter Phillips Singles Gold Medal Cardiff
2002 D Morgan Pairs Silver Medal Manchester
1985 British Isles Fours Winners
L Pull P Pull R Morgan C Paice
English International Players
1937 George Curtis
1955 1957-1963 Walter Phillips
1962 Walter Phillips Capt
1971-1973 Jimmy Davidson
1977-1984 Jim Hobday
1985 R Morgan
1990 P Pull Junior Int
1993/4 D Morgan Junior Int
1999-2005 D Morgan
2014 Russell Morgan – Trialist

E.B.A. Singles Championships
1968 Walter Phillips Finalist
1969 Jimmy Davidson
1976 Jim Hobday U 25

E.B.A. Pairs Championship
1978 J Hobday A Gabb Finalists
1994 D Morgan R Morgan Semi Finalist
B.E. Pairs
2013 C Daniels and M Hutley Semi Finalist

E.B.A. Triples Championship
1999 D Morgan R Morgan J Haines

E.B.A. Fours Championship
1936 E Havelock A Walters H Perkins G Curtis
1945 W Peel C Miller E Havelock F Blankley S/F
1946 W Peel C Miller E Havelock F Blankley S/F
1968 C Jones S Bonner J Davidson W Phillips Finalist
1984 L Pull P Pull R Morgan C Paice

B.E. Mixed Pairs
2012 J Hudson and C Daniels Semi Finalist
2015 J Hudson and C Daniels Runners Up

EBA Top Four
1986 R Morgan

EBA Champion of Champion      
1996 D Morgan Finalist
BE Champion of Champions       
2010 C Daniels Runner Up
2012 C Daniels Quarter Finalist 

E.B.A. International Selector   
2005 – 2008 Julian Haines

Other Titles
News Chronicle Gold Cup
1948 W Peele A Walters
F Blankley M Havelock
1951 W Hannam E Webb E Brown C Revell

Gateway Masters Pairs
1985 R Morgan

Internationals who have played for us in one or more seasons are:-
J R Haines International 1982-1986 Fours Gold Medal, Commonwealth Games, Aberdeen 1984 
M Sekyer International 1985/6, 1990/02, 1994/96, EBA National Singles 2002

English Bowls Association E.B.A is now the Bowls England B.E.