Advanced notice

It is being arranged subject to minimun numbers that in September 2018 the year of Robert(Bob) Sprules Presidency a tour to Torquay for a short break will be arranged

Fridays at the Club

The informal get together on Fridays has been a tremendous success by the many members who have attended some of the sessions for part of the hours of 11.00 to 14.00 it is opened each week. March 31st will be the last till October when it is anticipated that we shall start again.

Congratulations to our Gardening Club which continues to improve the area surrounding our green meets on the morning of the Fridays from 9.00. If you live in a flat and would like to help please come along for as long as you like.


Our ladies team are to be congratulated this year in gaining promotion once again and will be in the 2nd tier, B league, of the B&D W B A. A second team has been entered for 2017 and is a good training for new ladies and has done very well gaining experience on other greens.  In the Championships at Southbourne our Fours and Pairs acquitted themselves well in the finals against strong opposition.

The mens results for our first team can be considered creditable with a few more difficult games to play and the non availability of some of our most senior players. Our 1st Team captain could not continue due to a medical condition and so has not been available for most of the season. It has been impossible to field an unchanged second team, with experienced players refusing to play anywhere than in the first team, the results have been as dreaded leaving us in a relegation position in the league. A third team has not been able to field a team on numerous days even though on paper it looked as we had plenty of players at the beginning of the season All results for B&D B A league results can be seen at

Our Bowls Open Days 2017 were again a successful.Those who desired signed up for the organised coaching sessions under the direction of Malcolm Perkins.  We have teams playing on some of the Saturday, Tuesday,or Thursday league games and friendlies.  It was pleasing to see how well some had progressed and appeared in our finals weekend, some winning some of the cups available.

There was a record attendance at this years Spring Meeting



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