Hampshire Honours

Despite being located in Dorset, we are affiliated to Bowls Hampshire which administers the sport of bowls in this area – this is as a result of the decision taken by the bowls governing bodies, in the early 1970s, to maintain their structure based on the traditional English counties, rather than follow the frequent political boundary changes.

It is every competitive player’s ambition to win a County competition and represent their County at National level in the MIDDLETON CUP TEAM.  Our most successful player in the last few years Chris Daniels  has had the honour of being Captain of the Middleton Cup Team which during 2014 went on to win the coveted Trophy for the first time in 43 years – a great achievement.

This is a list of our players (37 in total) who have represented Hampshire in the Middleton Cup since 1922  .  Russell Morgan received a presentation at the 2015 BH Annual Meeting in recognition of achieving more than 100 team selections.


P.A.Line    2000         Atherley        179         has played more times that any other player

R.R.Morgan 2016 Boscombe Cliff  105   

C.Daniels 2016 Boscombe Cliff        78

J.Davidson 1980 Boscombe Cliff      72
D.L.Morgan 2010 Boscombe Cliff    67
W.F.Philips 1973 Boscombe Cliff     67
K.Philip       2015 Boscombe Cliff      63
C.P.Martin 2012 Boscombe Cliff      58
J.Haines 2003 Boscombe Cliff          55
P D Pull 2001  Boscombe Cliff           54
N.R.Jones 2005 Boscombe Cliff       53
M.Squires 2011 Boscombe Cliff        51
J.Hobday 1986 Boscombe Cliff         42
A.Geary 2012 Boscombe Cliff           39
M.Hutley 2013 Boscombe Cliff         32
E.Havelock 1958 Boscombe Cliff      31
C.J.Revell 1956 Boscombe Cliff        31
R.Sparks 2002 Boscombe Cliff        30
I.Cameron 1973 Boscombe Cliff      29
D.Clark 2010 Boscombe Cliff           20
C.Paterson 2012 Boscombe Cliff     18
W.Peel 1951 Boscombe Cliff              17
F.Blankley 1953 Boscombe Cliff       16
A D M Gabb 1982 Boscombe Cliff     16
W.Jasper 1960 Boscombe Cliff         15
A.Walters 1952 Boscombe Cliff        15
J.Rigby 1996 Boscombe Cliff             14
K.Downs 2013 Boscombe Cliff          12
L.Pull 1993 Boscombe Cliff                11
D.Bould 1936 Boscombe Cliff             7
C.V.Miller 1929 Boscombe Cliff         7
P.Gregory 1982 Boscombe Cliff          6
R.Gould 1989 Boscombe Cliff              5
A.Everard 1989 Boscombe Cliff          4
I.Barr 1974 Boscombe Cliff                  2
A.S.Tyler 1949 Boscombe Cliff            2
E F.Brown 1952 Boscombe Cliff          1
H.King 1958 Boscombe Cliff                 1
H.E.H.Perkins 1932 Boscombe Cliff   1

6 thoughts on “Hampshire Honours

  1. Haha Russell organ! Was that intentional? Also Peter pull seems to have been omitted from the list ☺️


  2. I think you’ve done a great job with the website and I’m sure you would like it to be as accurate as possible 😊 Keep up the good work regards Russ


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